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Ravi Teja's Nela Ticket hit theatres across the globe today. The film has generated a lot of buzz thanks to the impressive teasers and trailers.The Tollywood Mass Maharaja scored a hit with Raja The Great.

However, his last venture Touch Chesi Choodu sizzled out at the box office.The film features Malvika Sharma as the leading lady. The film is produced under SRT Entertainment banner by Ram Talluri .Nela Ticket is directed by Kalyan Krishna Kurasala. The film also features Posani, Brahmanandam, Prudvi, Ali, Raghu Babu, Praveen, Prabhas Srinu, Brahmaji in key roles.Before we give you the review of the movie, here's what you need to know about the film Nela Ticket.

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Plot: Ravi Teja loves living his life with a bunch of people around him and celebrates each moment. He plays the role of a medical student in the film who fights for the rights of the senior citizens. How he does this forms the Crux of the story.

What happens when a carefree guy's life takes a 360-degree turn? He carries the burden of the world on his shoulders and thinks he's the only savior. That's exactly what forms the crux of Nela Ticket!

Nela Ticket Review

We have heard and seen this Good Vs Bad story a thousands times. And Nela Ticket is the same old routine story—a cruel politician Vs a man who till then led life like not a care in the world and suddenly becomes a go-person for everyonein the place. The film is too loud and forget commercial elements, the film has nothing to offer. Overloaded with unnecessary violence and emotional scenes, the film is best avoided. The plot is predictable and even the many comic characters can't save the film not to mention the Mass Maharaja who is sure headed for a disastrous career with this movie. His career graph just plunged to abysmal depths.

Verdict: with a predictable plot and weak screenplay, the film is nothing to write home about.

Nela Ticket Rating: 1.5/5

That was what we thought of the movie. Here's what the talk is about the film from the audience who watched the premiere and early shows.

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