ICC Prohibits Smart Watches On Field Of Play, Dressing Rooms

Pakistan cricket player wearing smart watch during the ongoing Lord’s Test - Sakshi Post

Dubai: The International Cricket Council has prohibited players and officials from using communication devices, especially smart watches, on the field of play as well as the dressing room, taking another step at curbing corruption in the sport.

The ICC today confirmed that under the Player and Match Officials Area (PMOA) Regulations, smart watches are not permitted to be worn on the field and in areas designated as PMOA.

"Communications devices are prohibited within the PMOA and no player is allowed to be in possession of or use a communications device which is connected to the internet whilst there," the ICC said in a release.

The governing body added, "smart watches in any way connected to a phone or WI-FI or in any way capable of receiving communications are not allowed and as such we will be reminding players that such devices must be surrendered along with their mobile devices on arrival at the ground on match days." The move comes a day after it was revealed that Pakistan players were told to stop wearing smartwatches during the first Test at Lord's to avoid any allegations of match-fixing.

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The ICC does not allow players to carry communication devices to the field and this ban extends to the dressing room as well. Officials are allowed specific devices to communicate with their colleagues while they perform their duty.

It may be mentioned that India skipper Virat Kohli was captured by television cameras speaking on a walkie-talkie while sitting in the dugout during an international match against New Zealand last November. (PTI)

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