Sridevi Murder Executed As Per Plan: Former ACP

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New Delhi: Even nearly three months after the sudden demise of actress Sridevi at a hotel room in Dubai, speculation surrounding her death refuses to die down.

Doubts are being raised on the manner in which she died. On February 24, Sridevi was found lying motionless in a bathtub. Although initial reports suggested that the veteran Bollywood actress died of heart attack, the post mortem mentioned it as accidential drowning.

The police denied any possibility of conspiracy and later declared that the death was caused due to accidental drowning, as mentioned in the post mortem report.

Meanwhile, recent comments by Ved Bhushan, a Delhi-based former Assistant Commissioner of Police, has added fuel to fire and paved way for new controversy. The retired cop claimed that Sridevi was murdered. "It is very easy to kill anyone by drowning the person in a bath tub. There are several irregularities in the forensic reports issued by Dubai police. There are a lot of aspects in this case that need more attention," he said.

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According to sources, Ved Bhushan reportedly tried to visit Sridevi's hotel room after her death but he was not allowed inside by the security personnel. The former top cop was staying in a different suite at the same hotel to assess the situation that led to Sridevi's death.

Recently, the Supreme Court dismissed a plea seeking an independent probe into the alleged mysterious death of veteran Bollywood star Sridevi at a Dubai hotel on February 24 this year. The PIL claimed that the 54-year-old actor did not consume alcohol and she was insured for an amount of Rs 250 crore with an Oman-based Insurance company and there was a policy condition which said that the insured sum can be realised by the nominee if the insured dies in Dubai.

The apex court clarified that it cannot intervene in the case and recalled that a couple of similar petitions had been rejected earlier.

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