Google Maps VPS Integrates Google Lens, Street View

Representative Image - Sakshi Post

Google revealed a new addition to its navigation system, Google Maps, on the Android platform, during Google I/O 2018. The new system, Visual Positioning System (VPS), integrates Google Lens and Street View to deliver a top-notch navigation experience to the user.

The VPS allows the user to have a 360 degree look of the surroundings by just opening the camera on Google Maps.

The Street View feature on the app lets VPS to access the user's location and the compass on the phone, to clearly indicate the direction of destination.

A cool new feature is also included in the new Google Maps, which has animated guides such as a dog or a fox walk the user to the desired destination.

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Also, additional information like a famous restaurant or a similar important landmark will be notified on the app for better reachability.

During Google I/O 2017, Lens, the app which detects various objects and places through the smart phone camera, was introduced.

Based on the user's preferences, history and interests, Google suggests various places that the user may be interested to visit.

Along with Maps, Google also launched Android P and other new features for its apps on the inaugural day of Google I/O.

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