Don’t Instigate: Ramajogayya To RGV

Ramajogayya Sastry and RGV - Sakshi Post

Controversial film director Ram Gopal Varma keeps himself in the news with his tweets. His recent tweets against actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan have been in the news for sometime. On the other hand, he is not bothered with people making comments on his tweets and his personality and in fact, he too joins them to make satirical comments himself.

The latest is a comment about Pawan Kalyan's walk to Tirumala hills. The photograph of a tired Pawan on his Tirupati visit has gone viral on social media. RGV tweeted on the photo saying: "This is the energy level of Power Star's powerful energy."

RGV got a reply from a most unexpected person. Film lyricist Ramajogayya Sastry tweeted (in Telugu): "Don't instigate sir... if there is a change in the environment any body can achieve it... This is not right for someone of your stature. Don't think Telugu audiences are idle. Their time is precious. If there is anything between you two, please call and speak to him directly."

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