Kurnool: In a bizzare case, a 13-year-old boy was compelled to marry a 23-year-old girl in a small village near Kurnool. The incident is reported to have taken place on April 27 but it came to light after a video of the marriage went viral on social media.

Getting into the details, the boy's mother who had been suffering from age-related ailments arranged the marriage. As the woman's husband is a drunkard, she was concerned about her son's wellbeing if she died due to her health issues. Hoping that the marriage of her elder son will solve all the problems, the woman fixed his marriage with a girl, ten years older to the boy.

As it is a small village nobody really objected to the child marriage and most of the people learnt of the girl's age at the wedding hall. Though relatives of the couple asked the woman to stop her son's wedding, she refused it saying that it was the only solution in the interest of her child. The woman also said that her daughter-in-law will take care of the family should anything happen to her.

The photos and videos taken during the wedding have been shared on the social media sites.