That Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are more than just good friends is public knowledge by now. The duo dated for four years and broke off in 2009. Their relationship as exes has however, remained rock solid. So much so that no Salman house function is complete without the presence of Kat. She’s very much a part of the family.

The couple would have made the best jodi in real life too but for their break-up. In fact in one of the episodes with Koffee with Karan, when Katrina was asked how would she respond if Salman proposed, she replied with an answer that would stun you.

She told Karan: “This is not a rapid fire. This is so unfair! This is complete cheating, I swear,” she protested, before saying, “Depends when he asks me.”

Now, that sounds sweet. What if Salman really proposes marriage to Kartina? Would she say yes? Or is Katrina Waiting for Salman Khan to Propose Marriage?

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