Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu exhorted his partymen to refute all allegations of the opposition parties against him as well as the TDP. Citing the message of a well wisher from the US who said that the party was not getting enough publicity for its work, he urged the cadre to ensure that the government gets positve coverage. Describing the Dachepalli incident as deplorable, Chandrababu blamed increasing access to technology for such atrocities and also for decline in values.

Kids are turning to slaves of technology, he added. Strangely enough Chandrababu said that by spending 50 crores and laying roads one would not get any votes! Electoral politics alone could fetch votes, he added. He asked his cadre to suggest ways of getting a majority in the forthcoming elections.

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The Andhra Pradesh chief minister asserted that it was essential for the TDP to come to power for the sake of the state. He clarified that he went in for an alliance with the BJP only in the interests of the state. Chandrababu Naidu claimed that he alone was responsible for all the development which was taking place in Andhra Pradesh, notably in the capital city of Amaravati.According to Chandrababu, he was waging a lone battle against PM Modi and the centre for AP. He accused the centre of cutting off aid due to AP on the pretext of 15th finance commission and added that this was a new rider to the release of funds which the Centre came up with.

AP was entitled to its share of funds because of its population control measures, he said.  He observed that linking it with the recommendations of the Finance Commission would also cut down the number of Assembly constituencies in the state.