Huzurabad: In a bid to ease governance to the public, the Telangana government will launch another revolutionary program on June 2, Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) said here. "From June 2, all the land registrations will be carried out from the Tahsildar's offices, making it easier for the people," he said on the ocassion of the launch of "Raithu Bandhu" scheme, which aims at providing financial assistance of Rs 4,000 each for every acre of land owned by the farmers in the state.

KCR launched the scheme by handing over Passbooks and cheques to 10 farmers from Dharmarajupalle village, at a meeting held at Indiranagar in Huzurabad mandal, Karimnagar district.

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"The farmers need not go to the registration offices starting June 2. The government gave all the responsibilities to the Mandal Tahsildars. Whether it is sale or purchase of lands, the entire process will be completed within hours. All the details will be instantly updated on "Dharani" website, which details all land records comprehensively. Not only for registrations, but the Record of Rights (ROR) will also be carried out without any hassles, with no chance for any kind of frauds. Also, there is no need of submitting Passbooks in the banks from June 2. It is against the law," KCR added.

However, the Chief Minister clarified that the new scheme doesn't apply to those farmers who lease others' land. He said, "Earlier, the Passbook had two separate columns for the Land Owner and the Land Occupier. We have decided to scrap the distinction since the farmer may lease the land to various persons every season. And maintaining the records of leased lands is a wasteful procedure. Hence, the new Passbooks will not record the leasing farmer, and the government doesn't have anything to do with the land lease."