Ready to buy a new mattress? Well, make sure it suits your body! In case you have no idea what we are talking about, go through this 5-minute read and learn all that you need to know about finding the perfect mattress for your body.

However, before telling you about the golden guidance tips, let us first understand why different bodies need different mattresses.

Whenever you plan to buy a plush bed mattress, it is important to keep in mind that one size never fits all. For a perfect heavenly sleep, ensure that you purchase a bed mattress that is perfect for you. A good sleep not just leaves you feeling refreshed but also helps your body function properly. Everyone has different body types and hence they need specific mattresses for good support and firmness. A wrong mattress can result in various mental and physical health issues like stress and pain in the body.

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Here are three basic body types and the mattress that suit them the best!

1. Endomorph

The most common body type is endomorph. You have an endomorph body type if:

· You have a wider build with thick ribcage, shorter limbs and wide hips

· You are naturally chubby

· You have a round and soft physique

· You have strong and thick joints

Which Type of Mattress is For You?

A hybrid mattress would be best if you are an endomorph. Your body will need the maximum support of the steel string so that your weight gets distributed evenly. Moreover, a soft finish layer is also essential to give a comfortable spot where your hips can easily sink in; thus, allowing the proper alignment of your spine. A memory foam or latex mattress works best in such cases. Popular brands like Sunday Mattress offer both latex and memory foam mattress with an exclusive 100 nights trial to find out if it suits you or not. Exciting, isn’t it?

2. Ectomorph

You can say that ectomorph is the opposite of endomorph. You have an ectomorph body type if:

· You have a lean build with narrow hips and longer limbs

· You have small joints

· You have little body fat and muscle

· You are resistant to weight gain

Which Type of Mattress is For You?

A soft mattress is best for you if you are an ectomorph as it prevents the body to sink too much and ensures a good spine alignment. Memory foam mattress which is soft and plush can do the trick for you. Try to avoid a firm mattress, as it can lead to shoulder pain. You can also use soft pillows to get the best sleep experience.

3. Mesomorph

Mesomorphs have the best of both ectomorphs and endomorphs. You have a mesomorph body type if:

· You have a symmetrical build with wide shoulder and narrow waist

· You have medium size joints

· You have low body fat but strong muscles

Which Type of Mattress is For You?

If you are mesomorph, you can use the same approach as endomorphs take to find the perfect single bed mattress. However, your reasons will be quite different from them. As this body type has a narrow waist and wide shoulders, it will need more support to create pressure points that can arch your spine comfortably. Memory foam mattress can be best as it offers pressure-relieving benefits for ultra-comfort. Moreover, this mattress easily adjusts according to your body shape and does not push back additional pressure on the body. A latex mattress with a memory foam finish can also be a good option for a mesomorph body type.

Getting a perfect mattress is like building heaven for yourself. So before finalizing one, do find out your body type and find a mattress that suits you the best.