Lucknow: In a bizarre incident, a Dalit lawyer began tonsuring her head even as she was addressing a media meet in which she accused a BJP leader and senior colleague of sexual harassment, physical violence and psychological torture.

The lady lawyer accused her colleague, Satish Sharma of being in possession of an obscene video of hers, which he allegedly recorded. Sharma had beaten her repeatedly, she said. He had been using this video to threaten and blackmail her for three years, she told the media. Sharma had dragged her by her hair and thrashed her on several occasions, she said.

Vexed with his constant blackmailing, she said she felt constrained to approach the police, who were of little help, she told media persons. In protest against the blackmailing activities and threats of the lawyer-politician and the indifference of the police, she began to cut her hair in the presence of media persons who tried to stop her. She claimed that she was being harassed only because she was a Dalit and had few options against some who enjoyed political clout. She also alleged that members of her family were being threatened.