Mumbai: Virat Kohli is undoubtedly the most followed cricketer in India at present. Breaking records with his consistent performances, Virat has earned a huge fan following all over the world over the years. Not only as an extraordinary batsman, the Indian captain is an inspiration for many in terms of his charismatic personality. But virat kohli was in for a freaky moment after a fan took idol worship to a different level.

Kohli said in a recent interview about the horrific incident that haunted him. "A fan gave me a letter that was written in blood. When I was riding a car in Delhi recently, a person gave a piece of paper through the window. I don't even remember who it was. When I realised it was written in blood, I handed it over to the security personnel. I could not even read it fully. I was so terrified with it. But I noticed the name of the person who wrote it at the end of the letter," he said.

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Due to the ongoing IPL 2018, the gap between the fans and the cricketers has shortened. Since the players travel between venues frequently during the season, several fans are getting to see the cricketers in flights. Kohli remembered a funny incident when a fan recently took a selfie along with him while he was asleep during a flight. "I think it was during the IPL. During a flight, I was sleeping with my headphones on and I was wearing glasses. Someone was patting on my shoulder to wake me up and there was a baby lying on my lap. The person was taking a selfie along with me. I think he did not realised I was sleeping since I was wearing glasses," he added.