Actor turned politician Pawan Kalyan continued his Twitter rant with a series of posts targetting the TDP government over the choas trigerred by the Sri Reddy controversy. In a recent tweet, Pawan said that he will send legal notices to TV channels and its board of members.

Pawan, who held the TDP responsible for getting his mother abused ion Public by Sri Reddy, urged the Telangana state police to launch a probe against TDP government for targeting him from the last six months. He also asserted that the names he disclosed will surely surface during the investigation. "I am contemplating to request TS police for an investigation into the 6 month slander campaign. I am for sure all the names of these characters both men & women who came out to malign me will be eventually lead to Amaravati..," he tweeted.

Pawan assured the police that the names of the politicians and their kids will come out. "Lot of interesting names from reputed families, politicians,media barons, their kids..will come out. The ugly Nakedness of our society will come out.if you all could encourage to strip a ‘ sister’ & made a show then this will be mother of all shows," the tweet reads.

In his earlier tweets, Pawan said the TDP government follows the motto "In Abuse, We Trust."