"Our country now faces myriad problems and complex issues, some of which can be resolved. Foremost among the thorny problems requiring our attention is women's safety. Many women become victims of sexual harassment. I myself am one." These are the confessional words of Actor Nivetha Pethuraj. The Malayalam star, who shot to limelight with her performance in "Mental Madilo" shared a video on social media on her own experiences.

Nivetha recounted, "As a child, I was a victim of sexual abuse and as a confused child, I didn't know what was happening, how to deal with it. I didn't know how to tell my parents. It is not necessarily strangers who subject you to sexual harassment and abuse. Very often, it is people you're familiar with, such as close relatives. Parents need to be very mindful of this fact. Find out from your children, sit with them,"  she counseled parents.

Nivetha also said that it was important to create awarenesss among children on the issue, especially with respect to what goes on in schools and tuition classes. "I'd like to tell all my male friends to please find out what's going on in the streets, monitor things and help women in any way that you can. This is my earnest appeal. It's scary to be suspicious of everyone that we come across. For this to change, sexual harassment must stop. Men can do this and I appeal to all of them to help me," Nivetha said.