Sri Reddy, who gained national media attention after she alleged casting couch in Tollywood is back in news again. This time she has reacted to Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan's response to her near bare protest.

It may be recalled that last week Sri Reddy staged a topless protest at the Film Chambers of Commerce office in Hyderabad over local talent being denied work in Tollywood. She also said that one can reach the top in Telugu film industry only if she's willing to compromise her diginity! This naturally drew a lot of flak from industry big wigs including Shekar Kammula, Kona Venkat, Pawan Kalyan and actors Rakul Preet and Anasuya Bharadwaj.

Pawan Kalyan, while holding a protest against Kathua rape at Necklace road in Hyderabad on Saturday had said that Sri Reddy should have gone through proper channels instead of staging such obscene protests which could invite trouble for the actress.

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Responding to Pawan Kalyan's reaction, Sri Reddy asked why Pawan was protesting against SCS to state instead of approaching the police and filing a complaint.

Check out Sri Reddy's reaction to Pawan Kalyan's response