With Rahul Gandhi wooing the young voters in Karnataka with his aggressive campaign for Congress party, BJP came up with its own ploy to counter the Congress in Karnataka. They decided to rope in legendary Indian cricketers from Karnataka—Rahul Dravid and Anil Kumble. The saffron party thought they could woo young voters in Karnataka by fielding these national players from the state in the upcoming elections.

However, BJP Ploy To Woo Young Karnakata Voters With Dravid, Kumble Fails as the duo rejected the political outfit's proposal. It is learned that even after several rounds of talks, the cricketers said they would prefer to stay away from politics.

The BJP's move could have been a masterstroke had the two cricketers obliged. It would have been easier for the saffron party to garner votes from the youth using the clean image of these cricketers and counter Siddharamaiah. But looks like the plan has failed miserably.

Now, it remains to be seem who the BJP will approach next to woo young voters in Karnataka where the election campaiging has hit its peak.