Hyderabad: Telangana Jana Samiti (TJS) Founder and President Prof Kondandaram clarified that despite Telangana government’s efforts to stall the proposed public meeting on the occasion of party formation, they would go ahead and conduct it. Talking to the media here today he said TJS formation meeting was planned for April 29 and would be held in Hyderabad as per the date decided.

TJS Chief said that the Telangana government was not giving permission to hold the public meeting and were creating hurdles at every stage. He asked why was TJS not given permission while others were permitted. Why was TRS, the party which claimed to win 100 seats in next elections, was afraid of TJS he questioned and asserted the TRS leaders were uncomfortable with TJS entry.

Hyderabad police rejected permission to TJS for holding the public meeting on April 29 at Saroor Nagar Stadium citing the reasons that if such an event was organised in city vehicular movement would be high leading to traffic jams as well as huge pollution in the city.