Vikarabad: Prof. Kodandaram lambasted Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao’s government for denying permission for a public meeting held by Telangana Jana Samithi (TJS) on April 29. The meeting was to be conducted to mark the official launch of the TJS party.

However, police officials denied permission stating that the meeting would draw a large number of vehicles, adding to commuter woes and would also see a raise in pollution levels. Countering the government, Kodandaram questioned the officials how they had granted permission for 'Bharat Bahiranga Sabha' held at LB stadium on April 7 held by Bharat Ane Nenu makers. Kodandaram demanded to know how they overlooked the commuters' problems and pollution levels at that time. He told his party members and people at a meeting held at Satya Bharathi Garden, in Vikarabad.

He went on to state that after TRS government came to power, it has failed to do anything for people. "Have the people in Vikarabad got any adequate water to drink?" Kodandaram said, asking people to raise their voice for their rights and to come out of the illusion that KCR had created.

Meanwhile, lawyer Rachana Reddy said that she would take the matter to High Court and filed a petition in this regard on Tuesday. Rachana will now seek permission to conduct the meeting either at LB staduim, Saroor Nagar Stadium, NTR stadium or Nizam Grounds on April 29. The hearing has been postponed to Monday.