In a shocking incident, a farmer in Telangana beat up a Russian national mistaking him to be a thief. The farmer identified as Mahender Reddy from Kamareddy went to his farm to inspect
he damage done to his crops
by the
bad weather. Upon reaching, the farmer saw a tent
his farm by
a Russian,
V. Oleg. Mistaking him to be a thief, he assaulted him
. Oleg was overpowered
as other farmers
too joined Reddy.

Oleg was later admitted to
hospital and advised rest for
couple of days. He told the officials that he was on his way from Nizamabad to Shirdi and

due to bad weather he
set up
a tent to protect himself. Oleg, 44, was touring the country on a bicycle

In another case a farmer identified as Ankinapally Chenchu Reddy from Banda Kindi Palle village in Andhra Prad

put up
posters of Sunny Leone clad in bikini
in place of a
scarecrow to drive
away birds and prevent
prying eyes of the people. The 45-year-old farmer said that he had a good crop of cauliflower and cabbage
this year , and
this was garnering attention from the villagers. To steer away people's attention he used Sunny's striking posters and
saw that the strategy was working

"To ward off their evil eye, I thought of the idea of putting up a big flex poster of Sunny Leone a few days ago. The trick has worked out. Nobody is looking at my crop now," the farmer said. When questioned if any official had objected to it, “The officials never bother to come to our fields to find out our problems. Why should they have any objection?” he asked. Well, this is perhaps the first of a kind, where an actress’ picture has been used to guard crops.