Hyderabad: A woman in an inebriated state created a flutter on Hyderabad streets last night on Saturday. The incident was caught on camera and since then has gone viral. The woman, who is yet to be identified got annoyed with the police officials at Filmnagar, who stopped her vehicle during the regular drunk and driving check.

The woman travelling along with her friend in a car disembarked from her car and continued arguing with the officials. The video also shows her hurling stones at a person. The situation came under control after women police officials stepped in and took her into custody.

The entire incident took place in full public view as passersby looked on. People stopped to get a ringside view of the incident. As part of the drunk and drive check following weekend, police inspected eight areas including Filmnagar and filed over 80 cases.

Last year, a similar incident took place when a woman caused a flutter at Begumpet by driving her Volkswagen car recklessly and throwing traffic out-of-gear. Several motorists had a narrow escape due to her rash and negligent driving at that time. The incident came to light when a commuter posted a video of her reckless driving on social media. The video had gone viral.

The woman, who rode her car rashly, was stopped by a motorist at Begumpet. She came out of her car shouting abuses at the man who questioned her negligent driving. While a traffic policeman tried to pacify her, the woman attempted to attack the man. Within a few minutes, she was sent back in order to clear the traffic. She was driving a car bought in 2013.