Hyderabad: Telangana Congress Party leader Revanth Reddy accused state chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao of being corrupt and selfish. He said that Telangana state was not formed for KCR to double his assets. Revanth told the media that metro rail works were stopped at Sultan Bazaar blaming the earlier government and the need to change the design of the route. Once the TRS came to power they went on to approve the same design, he alleged and demanded them to answer as to why they stopped the metro rail works in the first place.

Revanth alleged that KCR approved the old design of metro rail route only after Rs 1200 crores worth property was transferred to his proxy or benami company. Apart from this, KCR's proxy had taken from L&T 52 acres of land from Hitex, Deloitte building, 31 acres of land near Vijayawada airport, two acres of land in Vizag, and 15,000 square feet space in Hitex Building, Revanth said. "It is true that KCR's family has forcibly got properties from L&T. What was the need to sell the HMD property and develop the metro line to Raidurgam?" Revanth questioned whether it was not meant to benefit Myhome Jupally? "The CM and ministers are not reacting to my accusations because they know that they have done wrong. Attorney General Prakash Reddy resigned because he was unable to fight a case with false allegations."

The Congress leader alleged that since NVS Reddy was very supportive of corruption in metro rail, an officer from the Andhra region was made a permanent MD. Revanth criticised the TRS government for according more importance to Andhra employees.