Hyderabad: The Telangana government would very soon fill the 14,000 constable posts that were vacant, Home Minister Nayani Narasimha Reddy announced in the assembly on Saturday. When the members of the house raised questions regarding the accounts of the Home and Labour ministries, the minister gave the announcement. Currently there are 100 She Teams in Hyderabad, and another 100 in the districts, he said and added that the government was planning to increase the number.

Speaking about the drunken driving, the minister opined that no one has the right to take others' life after consuming alcohol. "We are planning to build new jails, wherever necessary in the state. The government is planning to introduce a new fire station in every constituency in the state," he added.

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Endowments Minister Indrakaran Reddy said that 4,700 priests in the state were receiving salaries on par with the government employees. In just one month's time, the state government will add 1,000 more priests into the current list, he informed. The minister clarified that the priests cannot be given salaries under 010 account, but the priests would be given Rs 6,000 for "Dhupa-Deepa Naivedyam". Out of the Rs 6,000 that the priest receives, he would get Rs 4,000 and would have to spend the rest for the Dhupa-Deepa Naivedyam.