Samajwadi Party Leader Naresh Agrawal, a close aide of Akhilesh Yadav joined the BJP in Delhi on Monday. The party which welcomed the leader with wide arms was soon left red-faced after Naresh Agrawal comment drew widespread criticism. The party had to issue a disclaimer soon.

This is what Sushma Swaraj had to say...

Naresh Agrawal comment controversy

so, what exactly did Naresh Agrawal say?

Well, in a veiled remark targetting Jaya Bachchan, he said: "I have been compared with those who dance and work in films."

This did not go down well with either the BJP which was soon forced to issue a disclaimer and distance itself from Naresh Agrawal comment but also Twitterati.

Here's a look at the backlash the Naresh Agrawal comment drew on Twitter.