Hyderabad: Days after Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekar Rao opined that the regional parties will play key role in the 2019 elections, IT and industries minister KT Rama Rao echoed the same.

KTR who attended the 51st Skoch Summit in New Delhi spoke to the media persons and questioned that apart from the weak Akali Dal associating with the NDA government led by BJP, no other regional party is with it. He also added the TDP also distanced itself from the NDA after the latter failed to manifest its promises. "A single rupee hasn’t been allocated to the Telangana in the union budget and so was it with Andhra Pradesh. This could be the reason why TDP has walked out from the NDA government," KTR told the media.

Explaining the need to have an alternative font, KTR said in the last 70 years, both Congress and the BJP failed to meet the requirements of the people's needs. The "first front" as called by the KTR would keep in check the Centre’s hegemony and that the two parties can’t rule the nation forever. "There is a need to checkmate the hegemony of the Centre, which is keeping all powers with it. In order to accomplish this task, KCR is forming a front at the national level," KTR added.

When KCR hinted at the third front, AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi supported him saying, "I am of the opinion that Chandrashekar Rao will play an important role before and after Parliament elections. I am of the opinion that the country is looking towards regional parties which are against the BJP and the Congress."

Owaisi mentioned, "I feel KCR has the political far-sightedness and vision. There is a vacuum in the country and people are looking for an alternative."