Beijing: An elderly woman in China today vandalised the stall of a fortune teller who wrongly predicted her death, according to a media report.

The fortune-teller told the 70-year-old woman in Mianyang in southwestern Sichuan province in March last year that she would not live to see 2018. The woman, identified only as Wang, then spent the year in fear and prepared for her death, Hong Kong based South China Morning Post reported.

“I was terrified when the fortune-teller told me I wouldn't be able to live till the end of last year. I worried every day,” Wang was quoted as saying. But she remained in good health, despite the fears. When Wang ran into the fortune-teller in the park this week, she took her anger out on his stall.

A police officer intervened and asked the fortune-teller to apologise to Wang for causing stress. Fortune-telling is a popular profession in China, with predictions usually based on people's names, time of birth, Chinese zodiac signs, facial features and palms.