Chennai: Brides to be want life partners to respect their views in decision making and accept them with all their 'imperfections,' says a study by a match making portal.

These are some of the findings of a social media study 'Understanding Brides to Be', conducted by BharatMatrimony among 890 women on the eve of Women's day.

All the girls felt that marriage should not hinder them from pursuing their passion and wanted support and not permission from their partners to do so.

They also felt that their views should be respected while decisions are taken in the family and that their in-laws should accept them with all their 'imperfections' and not judge them.

Having a career,they said, would make them feel empowered and help them share family responsibilities better, while being independent meant the ability to face challenges The girls were firm that having children should be after understanding the partner well and the family achieving financial stability.

Girls respect men who share household chores and say they also go to work and share responsibilities, it said.

Through such social campaign, BharatMatrimony attempts to understand the challenges and expectations of singles while finding a life partner, it added. (PTI)