Hyderabad: Telangana TDP senior leader Mothkupalli Narasimhalu criticised his party and mentioned that it was in very bad shape in the state and will soon face more problems. In a press conference today here, the senior leader pointed out that the prime reason for this position for TDP was the Note-for-Vote case and lack of proper leadership in the state.

He pointed out that during last elections TDP had won good number of MLA and MP seats, but all those have slowly shifted their alliances, but it was unfortunate that no one bothered about it. "Today the situation is that unless Chandrababu takes up the task to rebuild the party in Telangana, nothing will improve," he said.

Mothkupalli informed that when the TDP was showing dual attitude during the Telangana agitation time, we had to face severe criticism from all corners. But we never bothered about it and stood by Chandrababu, he said. "Since I was not directly supporting the agitation, many even made plans to kill me. But I never stepped back, in fact I stood by Chandrababu. But all my efforts have not been recognised. The party reins have been handed over to few incapable people, I didn't make an issue of it. I kept quiet. But now he had organised party meeting in Hyderabad and I was not invited. This is unpardonable," he told the reporters.

He said that the party position in Telangana turned topsy-turvy due to the Note-for-Vote case. Revanth Reddy should been suspended from the party when he was caught red-handed with money bags, he said and added that it was reason for many MLAs and MPs shifting their party affiliations.

Mothkupalli pointed out that if the TDP had to survive in Telangana it had to go for alliance with another party. He pointed out that since coalition with Congress and BJP was not possible, it was the best to forge an alliance with TRS. "In fact I have been putting across this proposal since long," he added.