Now don't say you haven't heard of Priya Prakash Varrier! She's probably the most googled star over the last few hours, the number of whose Instagram followers rose to two million overnight! Now isn't that something? Imagine turning into an internet sensation in Valentine week!

Priya Prakash Varrier is a model turned actress who is making her debut in Malayalam with Oru Adaar Love. Recently, the makers of the movie released a video which turned to be a Valentine's treat to audiences. But, quite magically, the video went viral on social platforms. And to think that she has become a 'Whatsapp status' for many, if you please.

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How many stars get the sort of national media attention Priya Varrier has been getting, even before the film is out? Google and find out. She is currently riding the popularity of her impish wink as a school girl leaving the boy in the scene blushing.

Cut to the first romantic scene in her real life. Here comes the heartbreak part for all her fan and on Valentine's Day eve. But then, too bad. Well, as it it turns out, right from her high school Priya has been dating Rishikesh Saji, according to credible sources. But guys, don’t lose heart, let’s hope these are mere rumours, yeah? Or wait to hear from the horse’s mouth. Till then, dream on...

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So, if you still hadn't heard of her up until now, google Priya Prakash Varrier and see what your search reveals!