Hyderabad: The accused in the sensational murder case of a woman near Kondapur, were presented before the media by the police on Tuesday. As many as four persons, all from Bihar state, were involved in the murder of a pregnant woman butchered pieces of whose body were stuffed into gunny bags and left on the busy stretch of Kondapur Botanical Garden in the city. The accused have been identified as Mamatha Jha, Anil Jha, Amarkanth Jha and Vikas.

On January 31, a body of a woman stuffed in a gunny bag was found near the Botanical Garden. The case threw a challenge to the police after the accused left no hints. As many as 150 CCTV cameras were checked to trace the bike and the house from where the accused had ferried the body.

According to the police, the woman has been identified as Pinky, a native of Bihar state. She was married 15 years ago. However, she separated from her husband and later started living in with Vikas.

Meanwhile, Vikas, also from Bihar was carrying on an extra marital affair with another woman by name Mamatha. Mamatha's husband Anil Jha and her son Amarkanth Jha migrated to Hyderabad city for a living a few years ago. Vikas too came to the city and had been living with Mamatha's family.

Knowing the whereabouts of Vikas, Pinky too shifted to Hyderabad. Later she learnt that Vikas was living with Mamatha in Siddiquinagar near Madhapur. Pinky questioned Vikas and Mamtha over their relationship.

On the intervening night of January 28 and the 29, Mamatha along with her paramour Vikas, husband Anil and son Amarkanth attacked Pinky and hacked her to death at their house in Siddiquinagar. Later, they used a stone cutter to chop the body into pieces and stuffed it into a gunny bag.

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