Looks familar but hard to identify the face? I am with you on this for I felt the same too when I saw the picture. I was caught in a dilemma wondering who I was looking at. Yes, she's a celebrity alright but not who you think she is. She is our own Upasana Kamineni. A glimpse of the picture left her fans confused as she resembles Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone. The Apollo life chair person, who was once trolled by the audience for her overweight has now shut the mouths of her critics with her new look. Wonder how she turned her body from flab to fab? Then you still haven't heard about her Clean week challenge.

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Several memes made the rounds on social media at the time of her marriage for being obese.

Upasana has undergone a wide transformation after her clean week challenge. Wife of renowned Tollywood actor, Mega Power star Ram Charan, Upasana set herself some fitness goals to prove that she is no less than any supermodel. Upasana's strict diet and workouts helped her get the sculpted look.

She also started a clean week challenge to bring some awareness among the people on fitness and importance detoxing your mind, body and soul. She also gave her fans tips on diet and things to avoid for a healthy lifestyle.

Amid her busy schedule, it took many years for Upasana to achieve the slender look and some of her fans even are now wanting to see her in the films as a lead opposite her husband Cherry.