15 Ways To Impress Your Girl on Valentine’s Day

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The best way to win your girlfriend's heart or to make her fall in love is not just by giving the expensive gifts. If you truly want her happiness then here are few signs to impress her.

1: Respect her family: To woo your girlfriend just respect her family through words and actions. Never try to insult or comment on them because she gives the utmost respect to them rather than you. If you get an invitation to her house never step back. Go and try to impress them with the first impression, as the well phrase goes: First Impression is always the Best Impression.

2: Get Clean and Fit: Physic always has got a major role in everyone's life. She might impress you but inside of his heart, he would like to introduce you to his friends and family members. For that, grooming is must thing to do on list. Most of the people watch outer appearance rather than inner heart these days.

3: Cook a meal for her: It doesn't matter either you know cooking or not, you need not worry in today's world everything is available on YouTube. Find out her favourite meal and prepare it using a cook book or by watching videos. We bet, she will appreciate your efforts and she will enjoy your meal more than anything.

4: Take her opinions on Important matters: If you give her more importance or a place in your heart she will be highly impressed. Ask her opinions on every matter of you, be it small or big. She feels happy whenever you say involve her in all the matters concerning you and your family.

5: Surprise her: Girls wants their boyfriends to be around them. They feel secure and happy when she is with you. If she wants to eat or wear something. Purchase it without knowingly and surprise her. We are sure, she will be an overjoyed person on receiving that surprise from you.

6: Compliment her: Girls are born for that moment. Who wouldn't love to accept compliments from her man. They always try to impress her through grooming. If your girl has the best smile, hair or she does something good to people. Just compliment her do not stop back on appreciating her.

7: Some quality time: Everyone are busy with their routine, they have hectic schedules as well as deadlines to meet. In between the work take a break and call her to know about her whereabouts, find out whether she had breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tell her or take her now and then to a movie or a special dinner during weekends.

8: Show some ambition: If you have any long-term goal, tell her and she will help you turn that into a reality. If you look like jobless then definitely she might get negative thought on you which might lead to break-up. Show your strength and weakness to her of your professional life.

9: Visit her favourite place: Every girl has their own choices of shopping, dining or visiting a regular coffee shop, beach, etc. If she is a shopaholic take her to a mall, she feels happy even as you feel frustrating. Whether you like or not seek for her happiness it is other way of impressing her.

10: Down Situations: Everyone has ups and downs in their own lives. Most of the girls admire or trust the people who are beside with them when she is down with lots of problems. Be supportive and advice her based on a situation. She needs you in that moment more than anyone else. She is always ready to share with you everything whenever she needs to reduce the burden from heart and searching for a shoulder to put her head on.

11: Listen to her: The old-fashioned phrase "Speak less listen more" implies to your girlfriend because this will surely help you to take your relationship to next level. She may speak important or unimportant things to you put an ear on everything. Never ever say to her you are chatterbox that could hurt or ruin your relationship.

12: Don't speak with other girls: This the top most thing which you shouldn't do in front of her. Girls are always jealous and possessive about you. If you speak with some other girl she will start thinking negative about you. Even if you say she is your friend, she might not take it in a positive way. Better don't get into such troubles.

13: Don't snoop her mobile: Trust only laid the relationship much stronger than your words. Do you have thought to check her mobile that is she hiding something from you. Is she speaking with her ex secretly? Snooping other people mobiles or reading their texts when she went out is a very bad habit. Hope you are not doing it.

14: Be Polite: Daughters are always a princess to their father. If you can treat her in the same way and speak with her in a polite manner for everything, it will create wonders in your love life.

15: Celebrate special days: Planning something for her birthday or propose day or kiss day. Mark them in your brain instead of calendar and greet her on special days when she has no idea about it. We bet, it will bring some happy tears to her and recalling old memories are always a wonderful experience bring smiles in her as well as you.

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