Like Christmas and New Year, even romantic couples have a dedicated day in every year and that is Valentine's Day. the special day round the corner and many have already started planning something big for their loved ones. But the problem they are still unable to figure out anything on how to spend your day with him/her.

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Have a look at the list:

Flower Bouquet: Place an order of flower bouquet to your lady love or beau and let them receive it at the doorstep by early morning. They will surprise and will be excited to receive it.

Do Adventurous: Are you planning to spend a whole day with your loved one. Then plan something big and try out for an adventure destination. Take to a nearby mountain enjoy the outdoor view with your love beside you.

Romantic Dinner: Valentine's day is not complete without a candlelit dinner. Go to a favourite restaurant or where you first met. It will help both to recall your sweet memories and makes your bond much stronger than before. Book it right now and make it a hassle-free evening.

Hot air balloon: This is the most adventurous thing on the planet for a romantic couple. Why do you wanna miss it? Give it a try this Valentine's Day, it captivates the romance in the air travel.

Home Cooked Dinner: There is no better food than home cooked ones. It will be delicious and healthy too. Experiment new dish or prepare his/her favourite food. Prepare cake and write something on it. Decorate a room with roses, candles and beautiful romantic song to play in the background.