Hyderabad: The massive network of CCTV cameras that the city police have set up in all the localities is helping them keep crime under check and also assists them in running a background check of suspects.

The murder of a pregnant woman in Kondapur, recently, is a sensational case in point. Investigators are now poring over CCTV footage of several localities to identify the culprits and the victim whose body parts were stuffed in a gunny bag. The gunny bag with the dismembered body parts was found on January 30 near Botanical Garden in Kondapur.

It was the CCTV footage which helped police discover that the victim visited a tiffin center prior to the day of the murder. Police questioned the tiffin center staff but could make little headway. Later, another clipping from a CCTV footage of the region showed a white Hyundai Verna car dumping the gunny bag in Kondapur. Police are on the lookout for the white car and hope to identify the owner.

Meanwhile, on Saturday police found two bike riders moving suspiciously in the area on the night prior to the discovery of the stuffed gunny bag. An intensive search of Anjaiahnagar and Siddiqnagar was conducted on Saturday night from where the CCTV footage was collected. Police are hopeful that the footage of the bike riders might throw up some clue.

The investigators also began questioning hospitals and clinics which the victim might have visited prior to her murder. Once again, it is the CCTV footage which the police believe will help them identify the victim.