Hyderabad: The city police solved the sensational gunny bag murder case following the identification of a biker and concluded an extra-marital affair as the cause for the crime.

On Sunday, police conclusively identified the perpetrator as Vijay Kumar, a resident of Siddiqnagar. They relied on the CCTV footage of the vicinity of Siddiqnagar and narrowed down to the house of Vijay Kumar. The police believe that Vijay Kumar had an extra-martial affair with a woman from Maharashtra. The woman started pressuring him for marriage after she became pregnant. In order to get rid of her, Vijay Kumar hatched a plan and killed her on January 28. Later, he chopped her body into pieces, stuffed them into a gunny bag and dropped the bag at the Botanical Gardens in Kondapur.

Police also believe that Vijay acted along with an accomplice and said that the bike number caught on the CCTV proved to be a vital clue. A manhunt has been launched to nab the culprits.

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