Many say that one should celebrate love throughout the year and not restrict to one day. But what's wrong in making that one day even more special and exude your love to your beloved, making them know how special she/he is to you.

While, there are an array of options to find the gift, but it can be worrisome if your partner prefers green gifts. We mean who values environment friendly gifts. So here we suggest some of them:

1. Eco Friendly Picnic Basket

2. Gifting aromatic soaps

3. Eco Friendly Clothes

4. Eco Friendly Valentine card

5. Raw Chocolate

6. Gifting a pet to animal lover

7. Gift live plants

8. Go for faux flowers

9. Give Recycled Substance

10. Prepare Special Meal

11. Recycled Gift

12. Organic Products

13 Handmade Jewellery

14. Heartfelt Conversations