Bollywood youngest couple Genelia and Riteish doesn't have a great love story. It was not the love at first sight. It took several years to both of them to recognise their love. The couple neither had a candle light dinner nor remembered who proposed first. All the thing that bound the couple together is the respect and love towards each other.

On the sets Tujhe Meri Kasam

The 16-year-old Genelia met the 24-year-old Riteish on the sets of Tujhe Meri Kasam in 2003. As he is the CM's son, the actress thought he would throw tantrums with his arrogant nature. So the actress decided to stay away from him and she did not speak to the actor for the first three days. The strange behaviour of Genelia left Riteish in shock.

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After noticing Riteish's politeness towards the film crew, Genelia changed her thoughts on him and despite the son of CM, Riteish was very down to earth. This greatly impressed the actress. Riteish also closely moved with Genelia's parents, which also had a high influence on the actress.

The duo soon became friends on the sets where Genelia discussed about her exams and Riteish over his architectural skills. Apart from acting, Riteish is a great architect and used his expertise in interior decoration, in renovating the homes and offices of several Bollywood celebrities.

Love that Tied the Knot

After the shooting of Tujhe Meri Kasam, both the actors had become busy in their own lives. This time made the actors to realize their fondness for each other. From best friends to life partners, it took nine years for them to get hitched. The both tied the knot on February 3, 2012. The couple has two kids Rian and Rahyl.

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