"Times they are achanging", Bob Dylan crooned more than five decades ago. Well, they sure have. Valentine's Day in this time and age is another proposition altogether. How does a girl bring herself to propose to the love of her life? How does she tell him he means the world to her and she wants to spend the rest of her life with him?

Here are five ways to put the message across and make your V-Day a special one:

If you have a flair for poetry, nothing works like a hand-written poem. Yes, it does sound a bit old- fashioned, but, it works most of the time. You might want to give it a shot.

Trail of notes: If you can't deal with it upfront, be creative and try to surprise him by leaving notes along with flowers on his car or any other place where he's most likely to find them.

Candle-lit Dinner: Does it sound cliched? If it does, you have the wrong lens. A candle-lit dinner is as romantic as it can get. Who doesn't love it? It's one of those things which will never go out of vogue. Pick a place with the right feel and ambience.

Propose in Public: Why not? Shout from the rooftops. Let the hills and valleys know. Propose to him in public, if he means everything to you.

Ask a question: Draw your beau into an interesting conversation and spring a surprise--pose a question suddenly! It could even be one of many questions.

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