A day after Pawan Kalyan was seen breaking bread with Paritala family in Anantapur district as part of his Chalo re Chal three-day yatra, a letter from his die-hard fan has been making the rounds on social media platforms.

The letter, written by his fan Vamsi reads thus...

Pawananna, I am a big fan of yours. When you floated the political party with the name — Jana Sena, my joy knew no bounds. Despite my poor economic status, I borrowed money to distribute sweets in my neighbourhood to celebrate the occasion. With due respect to your ideology, I had unfurled the Jana Sena flag before my residence.

But I have removed the flag now because I am being insulted by my friends and family members who demanded to know why Pawan had set up a political party? And to question whom?

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But going by your public meetings and numerous tours to various districts in Andhra Pradesh, you are seen questioning the opposition party rather than pulling up the ruling TDP which came to power after making numerous promises.

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By just holding a public meeting twice a year, you cannot address people's problems on the whole. People in Andhra Pradesh are vexed with the Chandrababu Naidu government. You have neither ever questioned Chandrababu Naidu and his administration nor have you sought to know the promises and assurances that the TDP Chief had made before the elections.

From now, I can only remain a fan of your movies but not a Jana Sena supporter. Will never vote for Jana Sena. Jai Hind!

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