Hyderabad: Pawan Kalyan's proposed padayatra against the state government does not carry any significance as he praises the TRS, Congress leaders Jeevan Reddy and V Hanumantha Rao said.

During a media interaction at the Gandhi Bhavan, here on Tuesday, the two leaders suggested that Pawan Kalyan should merge Jana Sena with the ruling TRS party. "The TRS does not permit anyone to offer condolences to Telangana martyrs, it does not permit Manda Krishna to stage protest for SC categorisation, however it does not have any hesitation to permit five shows of Agnyaathavaasi. It is for this reason that Pawan Kalyan is praising the TRS government," the Congress leaders said.

"Chief minister KCR has done great injustice to the SCs and STs. He siphoned-off money meant for the backward classes," CLP leader Jeevan Reddy said. Meanwhile, Hanumantha Rao said that Pawan is on record for criticising KCR and his policies and is now praising the chief minister. "If the KCR government is indeed doing good work on the administration front, then why is Pawan Kalyan undertaking the padayatra," he questioned on the occasion.