Hyderabad: Empowered by the court order, Sangeetha broke open the door of her husband's house in Boduppal on Friday.

It may be recalled that TRS leader Srinivas Reddy beat his wife Sangeetha up and threw her out of the house on November 17 when she tried to come back from her parents' house after living away for a few months. After she lodged a complaint with the police against her husband and in-laws under domestic violence laws, Srinivas Reddy and his parents left the house and went absconding to avoid arrest.

Sangeetha, along with her four-year-old daughter staged a protest in front of their house since then. After spending 55 days out in the cold, the court ordered the respondent to allow his wife into the house. After receiving the court order late on Thursday night, Sangeetha broke opened the door using a hammer and entered the house. Her mother also accompanied her into the house. Sangeetha, along with her daughter and mother, occupied her husband's house.

Srinivas Reddy, his father Balreddy and mother Ailamma also came back home after spending nearly two months in hiding. They appeared in the court on Thursday and were granted bail.

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The family court ordered Srinivas Reddy and his parents to treat Sangeetha and her daughter with compassion and provide all needs besides paying her Rs 20,000 per month. Though Reddy contested the issue of paying money when she is living in the house with them, the court dismissed his plea and confirmed its order.

The Reddys were invited by Sangeetha into their own house. When media persons contacted Srinivas Reddy, he said everything in the house was in order. While Sangeetha occupied one corner of the hall, her husband and in-laws were moving around in the house. Srinivas Reddy said Sangeetha should withdraw the cases against him and his parents as she is now living with the family.

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However, Sangeetha told mediapersons that she won't withdraw the cases until she feels confident about their attitude towards her. "Legal disputes within the family may cause an embarrassing situation for them, but it's a question of my life and my daughter's future," she said adding that now her husband should learn how to behave and treat her and their daughter properly.