Nandamuri's Balakrishna's latest release Jai Simha seems to be a real Sankranti treat to his fans. What with the movie getting a massive opening in the US.

Check out how much the film made from the US Premieres.

The film directed by Ks Ravi Kumar of Lingaa fame, features Nayanthara as the female lead. An emotionally packed family drama, Jai Simha has opened to positive reviews from the audience.

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Here's how the audience reacted after watching Jai Simha.

1. venu rachakonda

NBK fans get a fine treat of one misfired,logic lacking action packed flawless failure of jai Simha losing out of track with only a decent love track for this film. I fell that PSPK's Agnathavasi is a bit better than this mass stricken chaotic film. I'mean neither a fan of PSPK nor NBK. But one can be sure that both of them didn't have great flicks like Ballya and Megastar did for the previous SANKRANTHI. One simply can't look for a worser start for the Tollywood in the year 2018. 😢😭.

2. Naveen Tadekoru

Balakrishna action is in peaks which fails to entertain audience and in some scenes there is no logic why it happens and all. Paisa vasool movie is some what better than this. Bala Krishna dances create fun ex specially in amma kutti song

Overall the movie fail to entertain audience

3. aclm sreeram

Balayya yeppatiki sankranti hero Nene ani maro sari rujuvu chesadu.sakutamba samethanga choodathagga sankranti cinema.sankranti eroje

Modalayandi.jai balayya , Jai Jai balayya!,

4. Chetan Chowdary alla

#JaiSimha I can say it's purely balayya show,it has all required elements to be a super hit film. It's filled with fun, emotions, dialogues & action. Overall it's good film to watch for families, regular audiences,feast for balayya fans...✊✊✊✊✊✊

5. ssri chowdary

areyy erri pushpum pspk fans anti gaa kavalani post cheyakandi raaa balayyaa oka prabanjanam gudda musukuni undandi erri puku gallaraa chillaraa mve meeru malli balayya ki anti gaaa comments okati jai balayya jai jai balayya

6. venky babu

Sankranti winner balayya...👌👌👌👌 movie..

BALAYYA# #THOPU## .....###VEALITA APU###........


##jai balayya## jai jai balayya##

7. Ravi V Ravi

Not satisfied ,lack of comedy ,no love story ....

We want legend and simha- range of action from balayya but jai simha- is not satisfied

For this pongal PSPK' agnatavaasi is better to watch with family ......

8. mahesh V

First half was good, Ammakutti song lo dance kummesadu Balayya Babu.. interval bang was excellent. Second half bagundi action sequences and background music super asala. Family entertainer ... must watch...

9. Nikhil B Vitaly

Balayya is always a PONGAL hero... And once again he proved it... One of the best storylines in recent times.. And the dialogues of the Balayya are the biggest plus for the movie.. go for it..

10. nageswararao Kurakula

The movie is super and the story is so good balakrishna nayanathara performance is so gorgeous comedy action emotional is in peaks it is a fantastic family picture my own rating is 3.5/5.0