Balakrishna's Jai Simha is gearing up for theatrical release on January 12. Today, Jai Simha Premieres will be held in the US.

Jai Simha is directed by K.S Ravi Kumar and bankrolled by C.Kalyan. Before you go to watch the film here are few highlights from the film.

Balayya-Nayan: We have already seen both of them in Legend and they share a crackling chemistry. Their on-screen chemistry is the first highlight of the film.

Sentiment scenes: Any movie of Balayya will have punch dialogues and this film would be no different as it will be loaded with punches and sentiments. We bet, Balayya will steal the show with his top notch performance. Jai Simha trailer looks promising.

Amma Kutti Song: The makers of the movie had released this sometime back. It is now a chartbuster. The background music and locations are sure whistleworthy.

Prakash Raj: He will be seen playing an important role in the film.The scenes between Balayya and Prakash Raj is said top be a major highlight.

Climax scene: Jai Simha climax will be an action scene where Nayan makes a bold statement to Balakrishna. It will be filled with a lot of emotions. Don't miss.

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