Hyderabad: Scores of ATMs in the city have gone dry on Thursday though there was no hint of Demonetisation-II on the horizon.

ATMs in Chandanagar, Miyapur, Allwyn Colony, Madinaguda, Kukatpally, Barkas and Chatrinaka displayed "no cash" boards on Thursday. The "no cash" ATMs belonged to both public and private sector banks. Attempts to contact the call centers of some of the ATMs did not yield any positive results. Some of the call center executives said the ATMs will be replenished on Friday, while others did not have any clue.

In view of the ensuing long holiday weekend, scores of people were seen rushing to the ATMs to withdraw cash but were left disappointed. Long queues greeted the people at ATMs of lesser known banks which had cash. However, those in the queue said that the ATMs are not dispensing higher denomination notes and there is a restriction on the withdrawal amount.

A quick look at the ATM status in some areas:
Banjara Hills: Total ATMs - 26, Working ATMs - 13, Cash Availability At 3 ATMs
Ramnagar: Total ATMs - 12, Working ATMs - 3, Cash Availability At 2 ATMs

ATMS in Ramnagar: