Kurnool: The treasure hunt by the state government at the 16th century Chennampalli Fort in Tuggali mandal has finally yielded fruit. The state mining development corporation officials on Thursday found huge reserves of precious minerals underneath the fort, according to Natarajan, a mining department officials supervising the work at the site.

The exploration for hidden treasures at the fort was undertaken by the state government in December first week. For decades, people have been digging the fort secretly as the place ​i​s believed to be full of hidden treasures.

Excavation was undertaken by the mining department on the instructions of the government this time. Scanners and other modern equipment were used and the work was supervised by the RDO.

No treasure was found even after 30 days of excavation, but the officials discovered ​traces​ of precious minerals beneath the fort. The reserves are said to be worth thousands of crores.

​More details ​​awaited.