There's always a lot of hype before any Pawan Kalyan movie release. Most of the time, the craze of fans reaches such a peak that one is bound to believe that the film is going to be a blockbuster hit. But many a times the bubble bursts and the film ends up as box office dud. This has happened with many of Pawan movies. Johnny, Sardaar Gabbar Singh and Katamarayudu are a few of Pawan's movies whose trailers had promised the moon before release but turned out to be a box office disaster.

Now, his next film Agnyaathavaasi is building the same kind of excitement among movie buffs. With a song crooned by Pawan himself, Anirudh's foot tapping music, Trivikram's punch dialogues and a punch line as 'A Prince in Exile', expectations are riding high on this film.

The film has done some terffic business much before its release in terms of theatrical rights, audio rights, satallite rights and ticket sales for Premiere shows. Now, it remains to be seen if the same will happen post release too.

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What will happen if the film turns out to be a dud? Add to the makers' woes is the plagiarism controversy. The French filmmaker and T series which holds the remake rights can't wait to watch the film to confirm these rumours.

A lot is at stake for the Agnyaathavaasi makers. The fate of the film will be sealed tomorrow. Let's see what happens.

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