Looks like woman are stooping down to lowest levels when it comes to ditching their husbands and reuniting with their boyfriends.

As if cases of Swati, Jyoti and Srividya weren't enough another shocking case of woman's drama has come to the fore. In a the latest case, a married woman hailing from Byatarayanapura in Bengaluru fakes gangrape so her husband can leave her.

The woman is believed to have married sometime back. But she had feelings for one of her relatives. Since she was already married she decided to fake a rape hoping her husband would banish her after the episode and she can marry her boyfriend.

On January 5, the woman approached the Byatarayanapura police state near mysore road in Bengaluru saying a group of men approached her in a van while she was on her way to a garment factory. She also alleged that the men dragged her into the van and gangrape her.

The police realising something was amiss tried to cross question her which is when her lies were exposed. The woman finally admitted to her folly.