Vijayawada: The rampant corruption in Chandrababu Naidu government is seen everywhere. Now, this pervasive form of corruption got manifested in the form of stale jaggery in Chandranna Kanuka given to the people in Andhra Pradesh as a Sankranti gift.

Those who received the Chandranna Kanuka bag containing various items for the festival were shocked to find jaggery covered by fungus all around. After fusty jaggery cakes were found in the Chandranna Kanuka bag at the house of one Seshagiri Rao of Guntur, many others complained of stale cheap quality jaggery in the containers.

The corruption angle in the Chandranna Kanuka scheme is - the outdated, low quality jaggery was procured by the government from Chattisgharh and Maharashtra at Rs 49/kg while better quality jaggery is available at Rs 30/kg in the local market.

It looks as if Chandrababu Naidu would not leave the slightest opportunity to fill his own pockets while spending public money and he is least bothered about the welfare or well being of the people.

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