Guntur: Tension prevailed at YSRCP Spokesperson Ambati Rambabu's residence when he was placed under house arrest by the police here in Gunturon Monday.

Ambati Rambabu challenged the TDP government to prove that the pension scheme is being implemented in a proper manner in the state.

Accepting the challenge, TDP MLC Buddha Venkanna invited Ambati Rambabu for an open meeting at Sattenapalli bus stand. However, sensing that the situation might go out of control, a large number of the police personnel were deployed in the town to avert untoward incidents.

Buddha Venkanna refuted the allegations made by Ambati Rambabu and sought to convene a public debate in the town. Speaking to media persons, Ambati wondered as to why the TDP government placed him under house arrest when it has accepted the challenge to debate the irregularities in pension scheme. There is an inherent contradiction between accepting the challenge and his subsequent house arrest, he said. The State government is afraid of the consequences of the meeting which would eventually dent its credibility and expose it in the eyes of the general public, Rambabu said.