Eluru: Scores of schools remained open on Sunday and declared a holiday on Monday for chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu's visit to West Godavari.

In what is being described as a ridiculous direction, the state government instructed private schools to provide buses for the CM's visit on Monday. The schools have also been permitted to remain open on Sunday and declare a holiday on Monday. Asking students to attend regular classes on a Sunday is perhaps a first for any state government!

Criticism of the chief minister is pouring-in from all sections of the society for placing the children at severe inconvenience. It maybe recalled that Chandrababu is scheduled to visit Polavaram and Vegeshwarapuram, on Monday. In order to transport the people to these areas, TDP leaders decided to requisition private school buses. Therefore, the said direction for the schools to declare a holiday on Monday and the related permission to remain open on Sunday. Parents and people of West Godavari have expressed unhappiness at the strange directions of the state government.