All segments of society will be covered under the rainbow rubric of YSRCP's Navarathnalu, said AP Leader of the Opposition, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. He was addressing a massive gathering of Muslims at Kalluru in Punganuru constituency of Chittoor district.

Greeting Muslim brothers and sisters with the customary Islamic greeting 'Assalam-o-alai kum', the YSRCP chief thanked all of them for their warm welcome and also for sharing their griefs with him. Muslims were among the sections of society which suffered a lot under Chandrababu Naidu, he lamented.

We should ask ourselves as to what kind of a leader we ought to elect because Chandrababu Naidu does not have the word honesty in his dictionary. Trust and integrity are alien to him. If the late Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy was a sterling example of how a leader ought to be, then Chandrababu Naidu stands at the other end of the spectrum as the definition of how a leader ought not to be, he said.

The TDP manifesto for the 2014 elections is a long catalogue of betrayal of promises. Chandrababu Naidu devoted a page to each community and caste, but once elections got over forgot all about the promises which were a part of the manifesto. For example, when fishermen asked him as to what happened to the promise of including them in the list of STs, he is reported to have threatened them and said that he would skin them, said the YSRCP chief.

Where are his promises made in the manifesto such as interest-free Islamic bank or free education for Muslims from KG to PG? YS Jagan asked. He also asserted that under the YSRCP rule, Navarathnalu will cover the interests of Muslims in a comprehensive manner and ensure that their healthcare and educational needs will be fully covered. This was the late Dr YSR's vision which he would take forward with renewed vigour, the YSRCP president said. The dream of educating their children and making them doctors or engineers which every parent, including poor Muslims nourish will be shaped into reality under Rajanna Rajyam which will be ushered in by YSRCP, he said.

The Leader of Opposition in AP Legislative Assembly also said that the scope of Arogyasri will be widened to cover all ailments whose treatment would cost over INR 1000. Moreover, if patients had to get themselves treated elsewhere (in other states), they would be covered under Arogyasri, he announced.

YS Jagan said that the imams of mosques would get INR 10,000 as opposed to the INR 5,000 (which is not being paid regularly under TDP rule) and the salary of Muezzins would be enhanced to INR 5,000 from INR INR 3,000. A comprehensive sub-plan for Muslims which would include all their requirements, including the issue of reservations will be formulated.